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Southern Style Health Insurance offers a nontraditional approach to healthcare coverage.

family coverage
Medical Insurance

Health Insurance

Protect you and your family for those rainy days. Southern Style Insurance offers personalized health plans based on your lifestyle. We provide  you nationwide coverage for peace of mind, knowing that you and your loved ones are protected.

dental insurance

Dental Insurance

If you are looking to buy dental insurance, or to find a policy that your dentist accepts, we can help! Contact us today to choose from one of our trusted dental providers offering individual or family coverage depending on your personalized dental needs.

Critical Illness

Critical Illness

Sometimes preparing yourself for the unexpected is the best policy. Protect yourself with a custom critical illness plan that will provide you and your loved ones peace of mind. Get coverage that provides cash benefits for when the unexpected happens.

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Health Policies for Families or Individuals

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  • Health care for families and individuals
  • Private plans based on health (medications and preexisting conditions)
  • The healthier, the better the plan. The younger, the lower the rate.
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Enroll at any time

Reasons to Choose Southern Style Insurance Agency

When it comes to insurance, we know you can choose anyone, so here are a few things that set us apart.


We have seen first-hand the cost of not having proper insurance. You should not have to do without in order to live a healthy life.


Honesty is the foundation of our business model. Southern Style, we know how making difficult decisions can be overwhelming.


We provide affordable options catered to you and your personal needs with integrity. You should not have to choose your health over the cost to protect it.


Customer Service

Service is synonymous with southern hospitality. We believe choosing insurance should be simple and stress-free as sweet tea on a hot summer day.

Friendly, Compassion & Honesty You Can Trust

Hey y’all! Melanie Jill Vickers is a southern girl through and through. I was raised on sweet tea and Jesus in South Georgia. After college, I spent some time in Tennessee before settling down in sunny Jacksonville, Florida. Now, you know why my business is Southern Style Insurance!
Growing up, I had chronic asthma and allergies that made me a regular patient of the emergency room and my pediatrician’s office. I took pills, inhalers, breathing treatments and allergy shots year-round just to have a somewhat normal childhood. All of this was without health insurance… I watched my family do without so I could have what I needed.
I have worked in the health coverage industry for about seven years and I have the experience and passion to help families navigate their health coverage options to protect their assets and live their best lives!

What Our Customers Say:

A real southern belle!

I love Melanie Jill’s winning smile and personality. She makes everyone feel special with her “southern belle” ways. She recently took great care of a family member of mine whose family really needed her services. I would definitely recommend her to others.

Janet Strong Peterson

Jill gave me an amazing price and was very thorough with advising me what I would be paying for! If you are looking for a health agent look no further.

Estelle Blair


Jill was amazingly responsive with the people I referred to her! She was able to assess their needs & get them fitted with the best options available. If you have a need for healthcare call Jill!! I will send everyone I know her way.

Kristi Thomas Howard

No Cookie-Cutters

Jill is the best person to find health insurance for you and the people you love! She will take the time to get to know you and make sure she finds the best fit for you instead of giving you a cookie-cutter experience.

Penny Dawn Cortez

Crazy scenario

Wow! Come up with a crazy scenario and Jill still gets it done! Two sons in college, one takes a gap year, guess what? Gap year son can’t be on my policy. Jill to the rescue! She figures out everything to make sure all of us have fabulous healthcare. Don’t wait! Call her today for the best coverage at the best prices!

Kathy Jackson Christ

Nontraditional approach to healthcare does not have to be complicated.

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